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UPVC Paint 

A lovely velvety finish that's extremely hard-wearing and resilient.  



Acrylic UPVC Paint is an extremely durable and hard-wearing paint designed for exterior windows and doors, it can be used on wood, plastic and metal. An excellent way to freshen up the exterior of your home and transform its appearance. This paint is easily washable and scrubbable ideal for exterior feature work that can be exposed to dirt and weathering. Also, UPVC Paint is available in Microsafe, our highly effective anti-microbial formula shown to reduce MRSA by 99.53% and E coli by 99.94% whilst retaining all the benefits of our Acrylic UPVC paint. It is ideal for spaces where hygiene is paramount. 

Features and Specification 

  • Exterior Use 

  • Interior use 

  • Can be used on timber 

  • Can be used on plaster 

  • Can be used on plasterboard 

  • Can be used on metal 

  • Can be used on concrete and brick 

  • Can be used on PVC 

  • Can be used on MDF

  • Highly durable 

  • Minimal odour 

Acrylic UPVC Paint data sheets

Sheen level- 20% (based on 2 full coats applied) 

Coverage- up to 18 meters per litre per coat 

Recommended coats- 2

Time between coats- 20mins to an hour 

Tin size- 1L-5L

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