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Silk finish, with a satin appearance when reflected on.


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Scuffgard is a satin finish paint with enhanced
performance. Based on a self-cross-linking pure acrylic binder, Scuffgard provides exceptional multi-surface adhesion. The modified surface profile of the paint film provides superb scuff and marking resistance and aids cleanability. Resistance to staining by common household products has also been enhanced. Scuffgard provides excellent ‘blocking’ resistance, meaning painted surfaces will not stick together once fully dried and cured. The superb resistance and toughness properties of Scuffgard make it an ideal finish for application to extremely high-use areas where regular cleaning is required. Scuffgard has an exceptionally low odour. Once dried this allows rooms to be rapidly brought back into service. Whilst primarily formulated for
interior use, Scuffgard may be used on the exterior
joinery if required.

Features and specifications

  • Interior use 

  • Exterior use 

  • Can be used on timber 

  • Can be used on plaster

  • Can be used on plasterboard 

  • Can be used on metal 

  • Can be used on concrete and brick 

  • Can be used on PVC 

  • Can be used on MDF 

  • Highly durable 

  • Water-resistant

  • Minimal odour  

Sheen level- 20% (based on 2 full coats applied)


Coverage- up to 18 square meters per litre per coat.

Recommended coats-

Time between coats- 20mins to an hour 

Tin size- 1L-10L

Scuff Gard data sheets

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