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Satin finish with a durable smudge resiistent formula.


Inness_ A Rustic, Design-Minded Retreat (with British Standard Kitchens) in Upstate New Yo

Touch-Gard is a water-based satin finish paint with
enhanced performance for application to interior trim surfaces, especially those where hand contact is frequent.
Based on a novel pure acrylic binder, Touch-Gard provides exceptional properties:
•Highly resistant to oils and fats that lead to softening on high-contact areas such as doors and handrails.
•Excellent adhesion to both previously painted and primed surfaces.
•Excellent resistance to common stains
•Tough and highly scuff resistant
•Enhanced application properties allowing for greater ‘wet-edge’ time.
•Exceptionally low odour
•Excellent ‘blocking resistance’ meaning painted surfaces will not stick together once fully cured.

Features and specifications

  • Interior use 

  • Exterior use 

  • Can be used on timber 

  • Can be used on plaster

  • Can be used on plasterboard 

  • Can be used on metal 

  • Can be used on concrete and brick 

  • Can be used on PVC 

  • Can be used on MDF 

  • Highly durable 

  • Water-resistant

  • Minimal odour  

Sheen level- 20% (based on 2 full coats applied)


Coverage- up to 18 square meters per litre per coat.

Recommended coats-

Time between coats- 20mins to an hour 

Tin size- 1L-10L

Touch Gard data sheets

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