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Six Finishes To
Suit You 

Why Choose Us

Our range of six paints covers a complete range of interior and exterior surfaces – including masonry, wood, plaster, plastic, laminate or metal.

All finishes are 100% pure acrylic, water-based products that can be cleaned with water alone. All our paints have very low VOCs, and are available in Microsafe, our trademarked antimicrobial formula, powered by Biomaster technology. Now shown in tests to reduce SARS COV 2, the virus that causes Covid-19, on painted surfaces.

Keep The Job Simple With A Single Product

Multiple products on a job means more waste and less efficiency. That’s why we designed Hanford+Green paint to let you keep each job simple with a single product, without compromising on quality.


With Hanford+Green paint, there is no need to undercoat on previously painted surfaces.


Prime bare wood with Hanford+Green Acrylic Matt or Hanford+Green Low Sheen.


All Hanford+Green paints can be used as a mist coat for sealing new plaster, plasterboard and jointing compound prior to applying top coats.

Chair against a orange wall.

Colours You Love

When you need it 

Microsafe qualities

All Hanford+Green paints can be colour-matched to any colour. We match to any source – including colour references or product samples.
Our products are formulated with exceptionally high solid content and the highest quality pigments to create outstanding depth of colour.

We provide free next-day deliveries on all orders and can almost always get colour-matched colours ready and to your door within three working days. That's why we are loved by so many of our professional clients. We pride ourselves on hassle-free delivery and short wait times for all customers no matter how big or small the order is. 

All finishes are available in Microsafe, our highly effective anti-microbial formula. Powered by Biomaster technology, it’s shown to reduce MRSA by up to 99.98%, E coli by 99.99% and SARS COV 2, the virus causing Covid-19, on painted surfaces.

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