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Get Inspired 

Finding inspiration for your home can be challenging. Take a look at some of our colours and combinations to get your ideas flourishing into reality. 

Mood board 1

Mixing textures and patterns can be a great way to enhance any colour. the muted tones of Boat Race have been enhanced by the pop of red as well as the softer natural tones of brown from the twill curtains and wooden furniture. 

The furnishings in a room are carefully chosen to enhance the feeling of warmth and comfort, moody colours can be a great way to enhance the ambience and create a soothing atmosphere. Although Shelswell is a cooler muted tone complimenting it with warm honey shades immediately evokes the feeling of relaxation. 

Mood board 2
Mood board 3

Greens are often overlooked when considering colours for a room, try a toned down version to ease yourself into it. greens look great against reclaimed wood and printed fabrics so don't shy away from using complimentary colours. 

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