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Contamination and Storage

How you store and use paint can be more important than you think, not only will your paint be fresher for an extended amount of time, but it also eliminates the need for repurchase of paints for smaller areas (touch-ups). Secondly, it prevents the paint from drying out, becoming clumpy or developing skin on the surface, rendering it unstable. It can also be an important factor when it comes to disposing of the product as hazardous chemicals can cause excess contamination if not stored correctly.

  • Product must be stored in a cool and dark environment, no heat (sunlight) should directly penetrate the product as this could cause disturbance to the formulation, alternatively storing the product in a freezing climate could affect the product viscosity.

  • The ideal storing condition is a room temperature space with little to no daylight exposure for optimum longevity of the product.

  • When using small quantities of the paint, pour it into a kettle to reduce the chances of colour contamination as well as product contamination.

  • DO NOT leave the lid off the paint container as this can make the paint unusable and promote the chances of mould and hazardous chemicals leaking. Ensure the lid is tightly sealed and preventing air from entering, use a rubber mallet or screwdriver to tap the lid into place securely.

  • We DO NOT recommend pouring leftover or excess paint back into the original container. Instead, dispose of the paint accordingly or cover it with a plastic wrap to preserve it for a later date. This is especially profound if the paint has been mixed with any thinners or chemicals, changing the formulation!

  • At the point of manufacture, biocide is added in to all H+G paints to keep the paint in good condition whilst in storage. The biocide content is dictated to the manufacturer by legislation and H+G paints contain the optimum amount of biocide to preserve the life of the paint, however, it is possible to contaminate any water-based paint stock.

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