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The Hotel Experiment- how does our high performance paint really perform?

The hospitality industry is a big part of Hanford + Greens success without the likes of big household names using our high performance paint we wouldn’t have the exposure we need as a small business.

The Savoy and Park Plaza are just some of the many hotels that we supply due to the many amazing qualities of our product. With our expert colour-matching abilities we make quick re-touching and colour consistency easy, saving these firms time and money. As people in the trade, you may be familiar with the Delta-E scale. As a company, we match it to under 1 which means it's not visible to the human eye. The average person won’t notice a Delta E error that’s less than 3 meaning our paint matching services are exceptionally good, going beyond what other competitors provide. Our Colour-matching service isn’t the only thing that makes us stand out as a company, we have remarkable recoat times as well as a virtually odourless formula.

Hotel room

However, you may be asking where the proof is…

As part of the testing process for the Hanford+Green paint range, we ran an experiment with a national hotel chain to see how our paint compared to leading competitors.

The specifications for the comparison were:

  • Two sets of identical rooms and the corresponding corridor would be painted.

  • One set with the leading brand paints the hotel chain typically uses.

  • The other set is with Hanford+Green.

Each set would be as follows:

  • 5 bedrooms with en-suite and 1 corridor

  • Room/corridor ceilings- 2 coat: Matt

  • Room/corridor ceilings- 2 coat: Matt

  • All woodwork- 2 coats: Satin

  • Bathroom walls/ceilings- 2 coat: Low Sheen




  • When using leading brands, the hotel used 250 liters of paint to complete the project.

  • When using Hanford+Green, only 160 liters of paint were required.

  • A reduction of 36% (see figure 1)

      Leading brand 250Litres H+G 160Litres

Diagram of how much less paint a hotel firm would use if they switched to H+G high performance paint.
Figure 1: 36% less paint was required to complete the project when using Hanford+Green Key: 1 tin= 20 Litres

Figure 1: 36% less paint was required to complete the project when using Hanford+Green

Key: 1 tin= 20 Litres


After the painting was completed, the hotel chain told us that they were able to have the Hanford+Green rooms back in service the same evening.

This was thanks to a combination of faster drying times and the paint having a very low odour.

The rooms painted with the leading brands, however, had too strong a smell and had to remain out of service for 24 hours.

Other findings

Following the initial experiment, we left the hotel chain with some more paint to use for their ongoing maintenance.

After several weeks of testing the hotel chain reported back to use the following unexpected benefits:

  • Due to the excellent opacity of the paint, they found that only 1 coat was needed on the woodwork. Saving them an average of 1 hour in labour costs per room.

  • When using our paint, they were able to clean and/or touch up areas far easier, often having the room back in service within 1 hour. From this, they predicted they could potentially extend the maintenance cycle of each room by up to 1 year.

With all these factors combined, it was estimated that the hotel chain could save over £3m per year simply by

switching paint brands.

Light fixture on a painted ceiling with ceiling rose.


This test proved that on larger commercial projects using traditional “off the shelf” paints is not the most cost-effective solution. Instead, products such as Hanford+Green acrylic paint range can offer substantial savings of both time and money.

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