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Seize the summer and take the inside out.

Our high-performance paints are not only for the inside of your property but also the outside,

Our specially formulated finishes can help you transform your garden into a whimsical space to share with your friends and family. Not only will you create a gorgeous garden but also a durable and resilient space with our outstanding paints.


Find the one that works best for you...






Garden furniture and plants

When it comes to your outside space painting can be a great way to freshen up your garden. Not only is it more cost-effective to upcycle current furniture or fences but produces less waste. Depending on your personal preference you can go as wild as you like and can be completely adaptable to suit you.

ScuffGard & TouchGard

Our newest products, TouchGard and ScuffGard will be the perfect pair to see your garden flourish and enable you to embrace your green fingers.

This product has been specially formulated to be durable and withstand high amounts of traffic, TouchGard and ScuffGard can be tinted to any colour meaning the world is your oyster in terms of colour choices.

Scuffgard and Touchgard both have a 20% sheen level and a light satin appearance, making them easily wipeable and scrubbable for any dirt nature might throw at you. 

Painted wall with garden plants


Like ScuffGard and TouchGard, Satin has a 20% sheen level and great resistance to dirt and stains. It has a subtle satin look that makes all finished products look glowing and gorgeous with the added benefit of durability hiding all imperfections.


Gloss Paint

For extra resistance, gloss is a good option for any wood or metal-finished areas that need to be brought back to life. A Luxurious high-definition paint, with an 80% sheen level.

Try refreshing your garden furniture with a pop of colour like Tinkerbell or Pit River from our collection.

UPVC Paint

Alternatively freshening up your windows and doors can make the world of a difference to any property without forking out to get them replaced. Our newest addition to the Hanford + Green catalogue is our UPVC paint, a hard-wearing paint that provides a deep and rich colour to enhance your windows and doors.

Not only will you be saving money when upcycling your garden with paint, but you will also be helping the planet. Reducing waste and consumption levels will all help the cause and prevent the effects of mass landfill. Help your pocket and the plant this summer with Hanford + Green paints, find your perfect colour on our website or request a custom colour today.

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