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Hanford and Greens Toll manufacturing... how can we help your business?

At Hanford and Green, we offer a toll manufacturing service for clients looking to use our facilities and expertise. As all our paint is manufactured on-site in Oxfordshire it allows us to extend our services to local businesses wanting to use our facilities for a fee to improve or expand their business.

Paint mixer

With our skilled labourers who have worked in the same factory for over 30 years, they know everything there is to know about paint! It's important to have trustworthy and knowledgeable staff when outsourcing for your manufacturing needs. Hanford and Green pride ourselves on our flexible nature and efficiency in the end-to-end service we can provide. Offering raw materials and the option for shipping services if required, helping any third-party company get the full benefits from our services.

Paint manufacturer

Toll manufacturing agreements are made between two companies. One company owns a design or idea for the product and supplies materials to the other to manufacture the product or parts of it. It is essential in protecting intellectual rights and trade secrets from being passed on to competitors or used to make competing products. With any agreement made Hanford and Green understand the secure and confidential nature of any product or good manufacturing process, so security is a priority of ours.

To find out more get in touch and a member of our team can advise you on the next steps.

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