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Decorating on a budget

It's no surprise that the purse strings are tighter this year, with the summer months inbound you often want to spend money on holidays or spending time outside with family instead. Either way, it often leaves little money for decorating for the summer months. At Hanford and Green, we believe that you can still create your dream home on a budget and these decorating and accessory hacks will be a great way to liven up your home for summer.


Fresh or fake flowers offer such a bright and colourful display, arranging them in a vintage vase or a lovely jug that can be picked up at any charity shop for less than £5 is a great way to add texture and life to your room. There's no need to go to a fancy florist picking up a couple of bunches of cheap flowers from your local supermarket and arranging them yourself will be a fun activity to spark some creativity.

room with flowers in it

Mixing paint

Sick and tired of storing dribs and drabs of paint under the stairs that have been left over from previous projects and fancy a freshen up, be experimental and mix them. Use a free colour mixing chart that can be found on the internet or trust your instinct and go freehand with it, unlock your inner child and have fun with it. We recommend making sure that none of the paint is out of date and that they have been stored and mixed well before combining. This is a great way to be more eco and save you space!

Accent painting

Another great way to liven up your space for summer is accent painting, purposely painting just the feature woodwork and metalwork within a room can be a cheaper alternative to transforming a room, a 1-2.5L of satin or gloss paint would be the perfect amount to finish the entire room. Try fun contrasting colours or bright primary colours to add an aspect of playfulness to a room.

Gallery wall

Gallery walls

Gallery walls have been a great way to accessories any room for many years now however you can surprisingly achieve this on a very small budget. I often think that the more abstract and mismatched the frames and pictures or paintings are the better. A weekend trip to a charity shop or car boot sale can be a great place to add to your collection of funky prints and frames. Another way to finding unusual prints is getting snippets from magazines or books that you no longer want or use and framing them. This can be great for a long project collecting prints from wherever you travel.

Red accent paint work in living room

Inspiration can be found all around so don’t be shy to explore what you can do creatively to make your house feel like more of a home. You'll be surprised how enjoyable DIY can be!


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