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Colour Drenching...Everything you need to know!

Tired of switching brushes for every wall and skirting board, well with this infectious design style that’s a thing of the past. Colour drenching has been labelled as the key trend to take 2024 by storm in the interior world, the act of applying the same colour paint to not only one wall but to every blank wall in the room as well as any exposed woodwork. In addition to the walls and ceilings, many objects, and installations, such as window treatments and light fixtures, get the same colour injection. However, when colour drenching a room, you may want to opt to play around with the paint’s finish, mixing in both gloss and matte across a variety of textures to create greater visual interest. To find out more take a read of this easy guide to get your ideas flowing.

Where has colour drenching come from?

Although this trend is new to many, some of you keen designers and decorators have been aware of this technique for many years. Its approach is often used to eliminate eyesores within a room such as radiators and plug sockets that not only obstruct the vision but can be an expensive replacement.

What are the benefits of colour drenching?

Not only can this be one of the easiest styles of painting as precise cutting in or faffing with tape is not necessary, but it also enhances the size of any room especially if the ceiling is painted in the same tones. Working wonders for both small rooms and larger rooms with tall ceilings.

What colours work best for colour drenching?

With colour drenching the opportunity for design is expansive. I believe that choosing darker or brighter colours gives a unique edge to any space as colour drenching in a lighter colour can often look too clinical. This is a great opportunity to test the colour trends of the year!

What rooms work best for this trend?

As stated previously this trend has a breadth of opportunity to be explored but I think it works better in some rooms than others. From bathrooms to front rooms this is great for creating a statement, imagine a dark and rich blue soaking the walls and ceiling with a fire rawing in the centre and plush velvet sofas adorning the space. Or opt for a pop of colour with a bright coral that would be great for any child wanting to live in a real-life candy land. Overall, this trend is very multi-faceted and can be adapted to suit everyone's personality to create a unique statement for any style home.

The perfect H+G colours for colour drenching.

Although Hanford + Green has the ability to match to any colour, here are some of the colours from our selection of 83 that would make any space look breath-taking. Piggy Lane is a beautiful soft pink that would be great for a playroom or bathroom that offers lots of natural light, as the the soft hues in the paint will be enhanced by a strong ray of light. For a deeper and warmer feel try Regal Rousham in a sitting room or hallway that will open the space and be enhanced by darker interiors and side lights. Have a look at our colours on or get in touch for some colour expertise on 01869 240374.

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