Superior quality, high performance decorative paints at commercial prices. Performance you need, durability you want, colours you love.

Competitive prices, in any colour and with low cost delivery

Available in all finishes, Microsafe, our trademarked antimicrobial formula,
now proven to reduce SARS COV 2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

Paint brush

Hanford+Green supply high-performance, commercial-grade paint to property owners, buyers, managers, architects and interior designers.


Phenomenal opacity
– use 30% less paint to achieve coverage

– re-coat in less than one hour

Virtually zero odour
– no paint smell and ready to use the same day

Incredible durability
– less frequent redecoration

Interior and exterior

Masonry, wood, plaster, plastic, laminate or metal

Available in any colour

100% pure acrylic, water-based products

Up to 20 square metres per litre per coat

Touch dry in 20-60 minutes

Quality that doesn’t cost the earth

All our paints have very low VOC levels and are made in the UK.




High-performance commercial paint – Paint it right with Hanford+Green


Our rooms were back in service within the hour with no unpleasant smell or guest complaints. We can clean or touch up walls immediately without having to repaint them entirely.

Andy Churchill Chief Engineer, The Dorchester Hotel London

No Smell! No flashing! Dry and more incredibly re-coat-able in some cases in as little as 20 minutes. All our brand colours are matched perfectly and deliveries are next day. It has greatly improved our productivity as, instead of painting, we can direct our resources (and more importantly budget!) elsewhere.

Emma Farrell Residence Manager, Vita Student

We use less paint due to superior coverage and less products being required. Re-coating can be completed in as little as 15 minutes and rooms can be sold within an hour of decoration. Areas where we would normally redecorate due to marks/scuffing can often now be cleaned or at worst touched up with the usual flashing. No smell so the guests and indeed staff experience is more pleasant.

Dave Bell Group Chief Engineer, Heckfield Place, Hampshire

I would highly recommend Hanford and Green paint. It really is as good as they say, and we'll be using it across all of our buildings from now on.

Jonathan Cooksley Estates Buildings Manager, Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

Delivered where and when you need it

We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.