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Paint Samples 

Choosing a Paint can be tricky business... To help you along your paint journey try one of our paint samples to get you one step closer to your perfect space. From our smallest paint pots to our largest paint cans every drop of paint that goes into them is rigorously tested and is ensured to provide you with the best colour and paint quality. Not only surpassing your expectations but providing you with the best possible result. 



Take your pick at our beautiful range of 83 colours here, or get in touch for a colour consultation to create your own personalised dream shade.

Place your order and we'll sort the rest with free shipping on all orders!



Take the time to think about your choice, light changes throughout the day so we recommend that you come back to it at night to see if it tickles your fancy.



Once you've made your choice its time to paint! For or any advice or technical information please get in contact with us here or take a look at our data sheets here.

We would love to see your final results so post it on your instagram and tag us @hanford_green. 

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