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Pastel Paints... Are they coming back into trend?

Have you noticed the resurgence in pastel colours in interior design or is it just our Pinterest algorithm? It could be the annual easter and spring reminder, but I believe that pastels are here to stay. Throughout the years you can see the impact of pastels, from the Georgian era where the influence of neo-classical Roman and Greek architecture. Light stonework and pastel colour schemes of pea green, mauve, and pink were often favoured by King George. To the 1950s and 1960s post-war American dream where brighter mint greens and pastel blues were a staple. Pastels have always had their moment in history and it sounds to me that it's due another decade.

An image with a Georgian fireplace. image credit to Hugo Rittson Thomas

(Image credit: Hugo Rittson Thomas)

Patels come in many different hues, some light and some dark, but for the most part the finish is always matt as it is noticed to add to the chalky cool colour of the paints. Pastels can also be adapted to the influence of the area, prevalent in the Cotswold area for its muted greens and pale neutrals, pastels can also be seen spiralling their way through the cottage core movement as well as being seen in the Italian inspired décor on the highstreets of London. Its clear that they inevitably crop up in many different hues and shades in many different aesthetic choices, however, the question still stands did pastels ever leave the spotlight light of interior design or have they always been there in some way or another?

An image of a dining room with a long table down the centre. image credit to Allyson Lubow

(Image credit: Allyson Lubow)

Hanford and green colours to warm you up to pastels again

Lake View and Naked Flower have a Georgian feel to these colours and could be pared nicely for a dining room or lounging area as they offer a relaxing atmosphere.

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