Durable and effective antimicrobial protection for your walls

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 Silver is a natural antibacterial and has been used for its healing and disease fighting properties since the time of the Pharaohs. When bacteria come into contact with a Micosafe painted surface, the silver ions in Biomaster prevent them from growing, producing energy or replicating, therefore they die.

Unlike some antimicrobial agents, Biomaster is incredibly durable, long lasting and highly active. When added to our paint it is dispersed thoroughly and becomes an integral part of the product.

What’s more, silver is inorganic and non-leaching. This means that unlike organic antimicrobial technologies / agents, it stays within the paint permanently – wet or dry, and the controlled release of the active ingredient provides maximum antibacterial protection for the lifetime of our paint.

All this whilst not affecting the incredible durability, coverage, drying time, colour or finish of our paint! 


Protection in healthcare

Nowhere is it more important to ensure hygiene than in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) can be deadly and represent some of the most common complications of hospital care.

Used in NHS hospitals our Microsafe formula creates a vital line of defence against bacteria and other deadly microbes, providing extra for walls and other painted surfaces beyond cleaning alone. Find out more about how Microsafe can help you save money, save time and protect surfaces here.


Protection in education

Even with the strictest cleaning protocols, surfaces in school and nursery classrooms, toilets, dining areas and corridors can become contaminated with the build-up of germs throughout the day. Wherever students congregate and whatever surfaces they touch bacteria and other harmful microbes can collect and grow. Microsafe paint can help prevent the growth of these bacteria, reducing the risk of cross contamination.


Protection in hospitality

Already used in restaurants, catering, and food preparation areas, Biomaster antimicrobial technology helps protect against bacterial contamination in these high-risk areas.  Whether front of house, or in the kitchen, Microsafe inhibits the growth of common food-poisoning bacteria on treated surfaces.


Protection in offices

Ensuring your office is a safe environment to be in is as important as anywhere else. Wherever people gather, so do bacteria and the risk of cross-contamination increases. Give your staff confidence in the safety of their workplace and use Microsafe on your walls and other painted surfaces.


Protection in homes

Your home is your sanctuary and place of safety, but how safe is it? It is impossible to keep every surface perfectly clean, all the time,. Using Microsafe paint on surfaces that are touched frequently like hallways, staircases, bannisters and doors, or surfaces in bacteria hotspots such as kitchens and bathrooms prevents the growth of harmful bacteria 24/7.


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