How Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust are using Hanford+Green

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Case study


Used in NHS hospitals around the UK our Microsafe formula is powered by world leading Biomaster technology. Available in all finishes it is proven to reduce a range of infectious bacteria including MRSA by 99.98% and E coli by 99.99%.  Find out how it works here.


We asked Graham Templeman, Principle at INTEX Décor what he thought of the paint.


‘We found the products to be highly effective, and we were particularly impressed with the opacity, durability, colour retention and low odour factors. We were also very happy with the drying times that allowed recoating more quickly than we had expected.

In view of the instruction to carry out the NHS work quickly, cleanly and with minimal interruption, whilst achieving high quality results,  I can most certainly say that the Hanford + Green Paints allowed us to deliver on all of the client requirements.’


Result – Jonathan  was very happy with speed INTEX were able to carry out the work due to the quick drying times, with the reduced disruption, lack of paint smells and with the end results. In fact, he was so pleased we are now specified on more of the Dorset Healthcare NHS Estate.


‘I would highly recommend Hanford and Green paint. It really is as good as they say, and we’ll be using it across all our buildings from now on.’

Jonathan Cooksley – Estates Buildings Manager 


Read how our Microsafe antimicrobial formula can help protect surfaces in healthcare settings.


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