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Save money, save time, protect surfaces

Permanent antimicrobial protection
Nowhere is it more important to ensure hygiene than in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Contamination from surfaces is often over-looked, but the dangers they pose can be devastating.

Cleaning is always the first line of defence in these environments. Our low sheen, satin and gloss finishes are highly durable, scrubbable, stain resistant and washable, making cleaning quick and easy, with no deterioration to the painted surface.

Our antimicrobial Microsafe paint provides a vital second line of defence against bacteria and other deadly microbes, giving you extra protection beyond cleaning alone.

Find out how here

Read about how Dorset HealthCare Trust is using it and reducing disruption to clinical services here.


Space to learn

The right environment for education means learning free of distraction. Schools, colleges and universities need spaces to be created that work, look good and stay looking good, so students can concentrate on their work (and play). Our hard-wearing range of paints let you achieve just that.

Our paint has been created to the highest commercial standards, and our Paint it Right philosophy means you can get the finish you need quickly and cost-effectively. Phenomenal opacity means you can complete the job with 30% less paint, and with virtually no odour pupils and students can get on and learn sooner.


Work hard, play hard, study, live

Student accommodation needs to be fun, functional and finished. Whether redecorating old halls or completing something new, you need a paint that will finish the job perfectly.

Hanford+Green paint is designed to perform – with high opacity and fast drying times. We made sure our paint is virtually odour-free, so no distracting smells. Student accommodation needs to last, so we created all our paints to be incredibly durable. And as we colour-match any colour, choose Hanford+Green paint to have the fun finish you need.


Look good, feel great, keep shopping

Retail spaces work hard. Appearance needs to be at its best, every day. Because we match any colour from any source, with Hanford+Green paint you can make your space look amazing and right on-brand. Our high-performance range of four finishes all have drying times of less than an hour, so with our paint you will be open for business sooner. Hanford+Green paints are incredibly durable, so you can continue to look good year after year.


Private projects of the highest quality demand the same rigorous quality standards as commercial venues. Hanford+Green supply paint to interior designers, giving homes the same high-performance finish.

Any colour, in any finish

We can help you curate a bespoke colour range, delivering the perfect match for the most discerning of clients.

Deliver results, quicker
When your client knows what they want, they don’t want to wait. Our paint’s quick drying times of less than an hour means their home will be decorated sooner, and as our paint is virtually odour-free, ready to move in the same day.


Time, budget, quality

Your office needs to work hard, and redecoration needs to be on time, on budget and to the quality you need.

Hanford+Green paint is designed for commercial use – which means with its phenomenal opacity the job will be done with fewer coats, using 30% less paint than other brands. With drying times less than an hour, there is no time wasted waiting to recoat, and once complete, you can move in the same day. And the incredible durability of Hanford+Green means a paint job that lasts.


Use less paint, less often, with better results

Time is of the essence when it comes to redecoration.
Paint it right with Hanford+Green. With recoat times of less than an hour, whether a hotel room, restaurant or kitchen, your space area will be back in action as quick as possible. And with incredible durability, your paint will last longer.

Don’t let your guests endure smelly paint.
Paint odour is one of the most common customer complaints about hotels – which is why our paints have been custom-designed to be virtually odour free. With drying times of less than an hour, rooms will be ready for guests the same day they are painted.

Any colour you need
We match our paint to any colour you need. Call us to find out more.


Toughness you need for the ultimate performance
Sports facilities need surfaces that are hard wearing and look great. That’s where Hanford+Green paint comes in. The phenomenal opacity of Hanford+Green paint means you can cover large surfaces faster, using less paint. Our paints are designed for durability, which means they can withstand the pressures of an intense match.

Paint it Right for an enduring finish
Hanford+Green Acrylic Satin and High Gloss ranges have the highest level of marking resistance and cleaning ability, so your space can continue to look good, game after game. Choose Hanford+Green to Paint it Right – with the ultimate finish, at a cost-effective price.

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